My Weekly Diet Plan for Detox

Proper planning for your meals during the week will help you achieve your detox ambitions. This is due to the fact that planning ahead for the week will help you limit the amount of calories that you will be taking in during the week. The discipline imposed by your weekly meal plan will also ensure that you eat healthily and in a way that will not compound your weight issues. The following is an example of a weekly diet plan that you can follow to great effect:

  • Day One

Breakfast- oatmeal and a fresh or frozen fruit. This helps since you would be taking in fewer calories per day than if you simply stuck to cold, dried cereal. For tea, take a cup of teatox tea to help you detoxify and clean your body of harmful toxins and chemical substances.

Mid-Morning snack- this is only if you are hungry. Add a veggie-salsa tortilla and one orange or two tangerines for the perfect mid-morning snack.

Lunch- Add two cups of mixed greens and one cup of other vegetables, without any oil coating as this would increase the number of calories that you would be taking in. Combining this mix of greens and vegetables with bean soup will make for a good lunch.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- 6 ounces of fresh yoghurt and some berries will seal the deal for this snack if you are hungry.

Dinner- Combine a salad, mustard coated salmon, baked potatoes with sour cream and scallions. For dessert, add berries.

  • Day Two

Breakfast- egg omelette, hash browns and blueberries with no sugar added. For tea, make use of teatox tea for detoxifying purposes.

Mid-Morning Snack- A handful of grapes

Lunch- Salad and a Turkey Sandwich will satiate you.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- A pear and popcorn will do just fine.

Dinner- A veggie burger and roasted red bell peppers with steamed vegetables and fresh berries for dessert if necessary.

  • Day Three

Breakfast- Hot whole grain cereal with blueberries in the morning with teatox tea will be just fine.

Mid-Morning Snack- diced watermelon and a bag of carrots.

Lunch- Veggie chilli and corn.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- Cheese and fruit with no sugar added.

Dinner- Spinach salad, rice and frozen yoghurt for dessert if necessary.

  • Day Four

Breakfast- fresh fruit, plain, sugar free yoghurt and a cup of teatox tea and a bagel.

Mid-Morning snack- veggie soup

Lunch- a tuna sandwich and a carrot and pineapple salad should be fine.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- sweet potato.

Dinner- A salad with honey mustard dressing with tofu and Berry Mousse for dessert.

  • Day five

Breakfast- Oatmeal and teatox tea

Mid-Morning Snack- A cup of carrots and hummus

Lunch- Soup with tomato cream and butter beans with lemons or scallions

Mid-Afternoon Snack- One or two cups of fresh fruit, for example watermelon.

Dinner- Salmon, noodles and spicy cucumbers with sautéed spinach and a fruit smoothie for dessert if you are hungry.

This meal plan will help you detoxify and detox in an easy, natural manner.

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