*Make your tea in a cup of boiling almond milk and let cool before blending your ingredients together.

The blue banana:

Teatox made in almond milk, 1 banana, 1 cup blueberries, ½ cup ice cubes.


Tropical Trance:

Teatox made in almond milk, ½ mango, 1 cup pineapple, ½ cup ice.

By NTGala4

By NTGala4

The Twisted Strawberry:

Teatox made in almond milk, ½ orange, ½ grapefruit, 1 cup frozen strawberries.


Berry Much Delicious:

Teatox made in almond milk, 2 cups frozen mixed berries.


Matcha Chia:

Teatox made in almond milk, ½ teaspoon matcha green tea powder, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1 teaspoon stevia powder.


You don’t always have to hit the gym, here are a few more options to burn 1 pound without having to step foot in a gym:

    1. 55 minutes of jump roping.
      jumping rope fitness
    2. 2 hours of dancing. Zumba away!

6 hours of shopping.


  1. Take an hour or two on your bike around the city.
    bicycle teatox deatox
  2. 2 hours of horseback riding .
    horseback riding teatox diet
  3. Kayak the afternoon away!
    kayak diet fitness
  4. 3 hours of bowling
    bowling fitness
  5. Go for a 2 hour walk
    walk fitness teatox
  6. Enjoy a day of skiing
    skiing fitness
  7. Need to blow off some steam? Hit the punching bag for a little over an hour
  8. Get your butt outside and use the afternoon to climb some rocks
    climbing fitness deatox
  9. 3 hours of golfing, tee up!
    playing golf sports tea
  10. Hit the waves for 2 hours of surfing
    surfing fitness
  11. Cutting just 500 calories off your daily calories intake, may help you detox weekly**:
    1. Skip your pasta meal and swap for spaghetti squash
    2. Obsessed with peanut butter? Try PB2 instead!
    3. Going out? Skip the sugar and opt in for a 70 calorie vodka soda.
  12. The best tip to lose 1 pound fast, or any amount of weight with time: surround yourself with like minded people. Whether competition or cooperation thrives you forward, having someone who deals with the same struggles on a daily bases will help you stay connected to your goals and accountable for your actions.

Russian twists –

Lie down on the floor in a sit up position (your legs should be bent at the knees). With a weight or without, twist your abdomen and touch both of your hands on the floor to the left of your hips and then turn and touch both your hands on the floor to the right of your hips. Repeat.

V-ups –

Lie down with your hands over your head. Simultaneously raise straight legs and torso, reaching towards your raised feet (your body should look like a “v”). Return to starting position. Repeat.


Get into pushup position on the floor. Now bend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders. Hold the position for as long as you can- start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 minutes!

Plank fitness by Jaykayfit

Plank fitness by Jaykayfit

Squats –

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips (your toes should be pointed slightly outward). Look straight ahead and pick a spot on the wall in front of you, use this spot as an anchor, looking at it the entire time that you squat. Slowly sit back as if you’re holding groceries and can only close the door to your car with your butt. Make sure your knees do not lean over your toes. Keep your abs tight! Add a barbell or kettlebell for a bigger challenge and better results. Repeat.
Squats for fitness

Burpees –

Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back to a pushup position. Return your feet to the squat position. Jump up as high as possible from the squat position and jump back into the squat position. Repeat.

Mountain Climbers –

Get into a pushup position, making sure your shoulders are straight above your wrists. Bend your right leg up towards your chest, return the right left, then do the same with the left. While holding upper body in place, alternate legs as quickly as possible. One leg should be extended while the other is bent towards your chest at all times. Repeat.

pushup fitness deatox teatox

Drink lots of water and detox tea

Take your weight in pounds and divide by two, that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day.


Don’t eat after 7pm –

Cutting 500 calories off your daily calories intake, will help you detox weekly**.

Don’t eat after 7pm

Don’t eat after 7pm

Prioritize exercise –

Make exercising as easy as possible! Whether it’s easiest for you to go for an hour walk before leaving for the office, signing up for a gym to go during your lunch break.

Prioritize exercise

Prioritize exercise

Stress less –

When you stress you produce a hormone called cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol tricks your body into thinking that you’ve expelled energy which makes you HUNGRY!

stress diet

Sleep –

Not getting enough sleep not only promotes more eating, but also causes higher stress levels.



Lift weights –

Lifting weights builds muscle quicker than cardio. The more muscle tissue there is in your body, the faster your metabolism works and the easier it is to make more muscle.

Lift weights woman fitness

Keep track of the food you eat –

It would surprise you how many extra calories you eat when you don’t know what you’re eating. Using apps like MyFitnessPal or FitBit will help those smartphone savvy people know how much they are eating and whether or not they are reaching their vitamin goals.

Photo by Jo N

Photo by Jo N

Cook at home, with lots of colors –

Stay away from take out as those usually come in larger quantities, with more grease (or carbs), and with sides that you would not normally eat. Cook, cook, cook to know what is in your meals and use the rainbow as a guide. Carrots, bell peppers, avocados, chicken, and chickpeas are all different colors that would make up a wonderful meal.


No liquid calories –

Frappuccinos, sodas, and shakes, oh my! Most liquids do not fill you up (I do allow protein shakes every once in a while) and therefore are just a pre meal snack, as they can hold 400-800 calories on top of whatever you’re eating next. Fill up on solid foods, focusing on your lean protein and veggies first!

drink water fitness

Sit down to eat and eat often-

Boost your metabolism by eating 3-5 times a day. Make sure to take time to eat (not over homework or office work), pay attention to your food, and enjoy it!

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