There is nothing better than a detox formula that is completely natural and does not have any side effects. Green tea has been found to be extremely effective for shedding those extra pounds without having to waste away by eating nothing for days. If you like the taste of green tea or simply drink it as a beverage regularly, there is no need to take anything else for detox. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Green tea contains substances like caffeine that aids in effective detox by burning fat. It also contains epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, which has powerful effects on metabolism. Both these substances are bioactive and contribute to fat burning by activating some essential hormones in the body that help to burn fat effectively. Even if you exercise regularly, you can take green tea to improve the fat burning effects of workout.

There are two types of green tea products available on the market. The first one serves to increase energy levels and suppress appetite. You can take this type of green tea in the morning to have an energetic and enjoyable day without getting tired or lethargic. Moreover, it would reduce your appetite and you will have fewer cravings for your favorite foods that increase weight. The second type is known as detox or cleansing green tea that can be taken at night to cleanse your body.

The purifying property of green tea is very powerful as it not only reduces bloating but also prevents constipation and helps you be in perfect shape. You start feeling good about yourself when you take green tea on a regular basis. Moreover, switching from regular black tea and coffee to green tea helps to stay away from the harmful effects of both these beverages. Green tea is totally harmless and does not cause any side effects at all. That is why it is called the all-natural way of losing weight and maintaining it long term.

Instead of taking fat burning supplements available out there, why not go for green tea that tastes great and can be taken as many times in a day as you want? The best thing is you can get your hands on your favorite flavor when it comes to green tea and enjoy a cup full of richness and divine taste. You will start to look and feel younger and more energetic. Body cleansing is essential for effective and long-term detox so never overlook the importance of this step. When your body is cleansed of harmful toxins, you can relax and have a good night’s sleep to boost metabolism and have clear, flawless complexion.

If you have decided to detox the natural way, try this healthiest beverage known as green tea and found as LeptinTeatox to start seeing its miracles on your body. The product is loaded with beneficial antioxidants that you need on a regular basis to boost metabolism, be fit and healthy, and most of all stay in shape all year round!

Goji berries are bright orange-red berries commonly found China. Across Asia, this fruit has been consumed for its numerous benefits for generations. The goji berries have for ages been used in the treatment of common health complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

There are different ways to consume these berries. While some prefer to eat them raw, others will consume them cooked or even dried. Today, the goji berries can be found in some herbal medicines, teas, and wines.

What makes goji berries special is their high nutrition content. These fruits contain:

  • High-quality proteins consisting of all essential amino acids necessary for growth and repair
  • Over 20 different minerals, including calcium, selenium, and iron
  • Vitamins A, B, C and E
  • Extremely high level of antioxidants such as carotenoids beta-carotene as well as  zeaxanthin, which are essential in scavenging free radicals in our bodies protecting the cells from any oxidative stress
  • Rich in essential fatty acids needed help with anti-inflammatory pathways as well as supporting the nervous system.
  • Features polysaccharides, which is a type of a complex carbohydrate renowned for its vast health quality. In fact, most of the fruits and vegetables we eat offer some of these components, although only a few will have such amounts as the goji berries. This is one of the reasons why these berries are quite impressive.

With all the above nutritional components, are goji berries good for you? Discussed below are some of the benefits of goji berries:

  1. Key to a healthy and glowing skin

Goji berries are packed with beta-carotenes which are a natural pigment in plants and that is known to promote healthy skin.

  1. Protects the body

Goji berries are extremely rich in Vitamin C that is proven effective in reducing cold symptoms. Regular consumption of these berries has also been found to protect the eyes while at the same time reducing their ageing process and vision.

  1. Packed with Antioxidants

Just like any other berry, gojis are a rich source of antioxidants. These berries are a great source of antioxidants given their exceptional oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) value.The ORAC value represents the fruit’s antioxidant power. A high level of antioxidants is effective in the removal of potentially harmful oxidising agents.

  1. Detox

Detox is one of the hardest endeavours you will ever undertake. Goji berries are loaded with nutrition that gives you high energy levels. This makes them ideal foods to supplement your detox diet with their rich and irresistible taste. Fitness experts recommend including the goji berries in a protein shake, salad, and snack for the much-needed fibre content. Gojis have a high fibre content that ensures you stay fuller for longer thus fighting binge eating. Goji berries are highly recommended snacks instead of a chocolate bar.

  1. Lower blood pressure

Goji berries are widely believed to help reduce blood pressure while at the same time lowering the blood sugar level thanks to their high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins. For ages, the Chinese have used these berries in the treatment of diabetes among other ailments caused by high blood pressure such as stroke.

With the above benefits in mind, are goji berries good for you? Without a doubt, you stand to benefit by including these berries in your daily diet. Goji barriers are viewed as superfoods as to the numerous health benefits they have to offer. Unfortunately, like most superfoods in the market, goji berries tend to be quite expensive.

One of the things that people notice about you at first glance is your skin. While you can use makeup to fake a flawless look, you can’t hide bad skin for long. Hence, the best thing is to work at making your skin healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Most people you see with beautiful skin maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. By adopting healthy eating for clear skin, you are also investing in your health. The foods you need to take for clear skin are readily available. Hence, make a lifestyle of eating them daily and it will give you the glow you desire.

Great foods for beautiful skin

  • Sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots

Your skin needs a healthy dose of vitamin A or Beta-carotene and vitamin C to glow. Carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A and C to boost the beauty of your skin. These vitamins also prevent ageing by fighting free radical damage.

  • Oranges, Lemons and Watermelon

Some excellent sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits and melons. These fruits are good for hydrating your skin. Their vitamin C content is also good for boosting collagen production in your skin. Collagen helps keep your skin firm, moist and free from wrinkles.

  • Dark Chocolate

Make a habit of taking dark chocolate as it contains flavonoids that will make your skin glow. Ensure that it is organic dark chocolate made out of 70 percent cacao for the best benefits.

  • Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats and oils. They have omega three fatty acids that will keep your skin smooth and supple. Best of all seeds and nuts provide your skin with vitamin E. Vitamin E helps your skin fight against free radical damage from environmental pollutants. Some good examples are almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

  • Tomatoes

Include lots of tomatoes in your diet to protect and repair your skin from sun damage. The best way to have tomatoes is by cooking them. When you cook tomatoes, they release an antioxidant known as lycopene that helps fight free radicals and boost your skin quality.

  • Herbs and Spices

Instead of flavouring your salads and food with store bought condiments and flavourings use natural spices and herbs. Many spices and herbs contain healing and strengthening properties for skin. Good examples are turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano and basil among others.

  • Green tea

Green tea is an excellent beverage for skin health and weight management. It is packed with polyphenols that fight free radicals. Green tea also contains disease-fighting minerals and antioxidants.

  • Greens

You cannot get clear skin without taking greens such as kale, spinach and other green vegetables. If you are not a fan of eating these greens, then juice them. Alternatively, you can take supplements such as chlorophyll or spirulina that are packed with the minerals, vitamins and nutrients you can get from green leafy vegetables.

  • Water

You have to take lots of water to detoxify your body and keep your skin hydrated. Water also ensures that nutrients are well distributed in your body when you eat all other nutritional foods.

These are a few way to enrich your meals for a healthy and beautiful skin.

You don’t always have to hit the gym, here are a few more options to burn 1 pound without having to step foot in a gym:

    1. 55 minutes of jump roping.
      jumping rope fitness
    2. 2 hours of dancing. Zumba away!

6 hours of shopping.


  1. Take an hour or two on your bike around the city.
    bicycle teatox deatox
  2. 2 hours of horseback riding .
    horseback riding teatox diet
  3. Kayak the afternoon away!
    kayak diet fitness
  4. 3 hours of bowling
    bowling fitness
  5. Go for a 2 hour walk
    walk fitness teatox
  6. Enjoy a day of skiing
    skiing fitness
  7. Need to blow off some steam? Hit the punching bag for a little over an hour
  8. Get your butt outside and use the afternoon to climb some rocks
    climbing fitness deatox
  9. 3 hours of golfing, tee up!
    playing golf sports tea
  10. Hit the waves for 2 hours of surfing
    surfing fitness
  11. Cutting just 500 calories off your daily calories intake, may help you detox weekly**:
    1. Skip your pasta meal and swap for spaghetti squash
    2. Obsessed with peanut butter? Try PB2 instead!
    3. Going out? Skip the sugar and opt in for a 70 calorie vodka soda.
  12. The best tip to lose 1 pound fast, or any amount of weight with time: surround yourself with like minded people. Whether competition or cooperation thrives you forward, having someone who deals with the same struggles on a daily bases will help you stay connected to your goals and accountable for your actions.

Russian twists –

Lie down on the floor in a sit up position (your legs should be bent at the knees). With a weight or without, twist your abdomen and touch both of your hands on the floor to the left of your hips and then turn and touch both your hands on the floor to the right of your hips. Repeat.

V-ups –

Lie down with your hands over your head. Simultaneously raise straight legs and torso, reaching towards your raised feet (your body should look like a “v”). Return to starting position. Repeat.


Get into pushup position on the floor. Now bend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders. Hold the position for as long as you can- start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 minutes!

Plank fitness by Jaykayfit

Plank fitness by Jaykayfit

Squats –

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips (your toes should be pointed slightly outward). Look straight ahead and pick a spot on the wall in front of you, use this spot as an anchor, looking at it the entire time that you squat. Slowly sit back as if you’re holding groceries and can only close the door to your car with your butt. Make sure your knees do not lean over your toes. Keep your abs tight! Add a barbell or kettlebell for a bigger challenge and better results. Repeat.
Squats for fitness

Burpees –

Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back to a pushup position. Return your feet to the squat position. Jump up as high as possible from the squat position and jump back into the squat position. Repeat.

Mountain Climbers –

Get into a pushup position, making sure your shoulders are straight above your wrists. Bend your right leg up towards your chest, return the right left, then do the same with the left. While holding upper body in place, alternate legs as quickly as possible. One leg should be extended while the other is bent towards your chest at all times. Repeat.

pushup fitness deatox teatox