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Step 1


Start the day the right way – increase energy levels 


Step 2


Clear the day away – intensify your detox by cleansing your body

Increased Metabolism

Clearing the toxins from your body will help everything work better, meaning your body will digest your food more effectively.

Boost Immune System

Superfood goji berries boost your resilience and wellbeing, making you feel as good as you look.

Cleanse your body

Natural ingredients such as Senna Leaf helps flush your system and reduce bloating.

More Energy

A mix of Yerba Mate Leaf, Hawthorn Berries and other natural goodies are vital for the health of your body.

Tea With A Mission

We all know the importance of exercise and healthy eating but that only goes so far. What we really wanted to achieve was a simple and effective way to cleanse the body without all the hard work.

An all-natural tea, developed through extensive research to help detoxify and purify your mind and body. Using only the most high quality ingredients, Leptin Teatox brings a natural relief to common complaints and when used alongside a healthy detox programme, aids you in achieving noticeable improvements.