There are so many varieties of tea whether it is green tea, detox tea, regular tea or any other type used for detox or as an appetite suppressant. The main reason for choosing a specific type of tea is usually its flavor or aroma. Many people across the globe use senna leaf to prepare a very unique and fulfilling cup of tea for cleansing and detox. Senna leaf tea is easy to prepare at home without having to use many fancy ingredients.

Senna leaf is used to make many medicines and is therefore good for a number of conditions. Its main use is as a laxative and people may drink it or use in powder form to cure constipation at home without using any other medicine. The leaf is FDA-approved and hence completely safe and natural. People use senna leaf to make skinny tea, which helps to detox and stay in shape. Not only the leaf but the fruit of this plant can also be used for the cure of common ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids. A large percentage of the population uses this herb for effective and long-term detox.

Senna can be combined with other herbs and spices in a tea blend. This means you can make your preferred combination to suit your taste buds including ginger, lime, green tea, rhubarb root, or goji berries with senna for detox and detox. However, you will have to weigh the leaves and then add them to just the right quantity of water to obtain its benefits. Usually, it is recommended to take about 100 grams of senna leaves and boil them in about 2 cups of water for 10 to 15 minutes or until half of the water evaporates. You may like to add 5 to 10 grams of any other herb like ginger, a pinch of salt, a couple of cardamoms and a little sugar for extra taste and aroma.

Alternatively, you may use a natural blend in the form of detox tea that is available on the market and contains senna leaf as an ingredient. Some people find it difficult to store the leaves at home and combine them with other ingredients in the just the right ratio to prepare a delicious and delectable cup of tea at home. It is recommended to go for the detox tea that comes in a number of flavors and contains just the right amounts of all the ingredients that you might need for detox or cure of constipation.

Skinny tea prepared by using senna leaf is healthy, delicious and extremely useful. The herb is a popular ingredient in many detox products and laxatives. If you want to use this tea regularly for detox, it is advisable to store the leaves in a cool and dry place to keep them fresh. Dried senna leaves would not create the same effect as fresh senna leaves so make sure you obtain the green leaf and use it for making your senna leaf tea at home.

Wondering Where to Buy Detox Tea? Look No More!

Detox tea can prove to be very beneficial especially for people who suffer from chronic constipation and detox issues. In fact, it has been found to be very useful for even those who wish to put on a little weight due to being extra skinny. It helps one to get rid of the harmful toxins that accumulate in the large intestine over time. Once your system is cleansed, the food you eat is more readily absorbed providing all the essential nutrients your body needs for growth and development.

There are many types of detox tea products available out there. Some of them are natural, while others may contain a few preservatives or artificial flavorings to improve their taste and aroma. Of course, natural and pure ingredients are more useful as they don’t have any side effects and they also come with a rich flavor. When you are deciding on which detox tea to buy, keep this point in mind. Some of the ingredients to look for include hawthorn berry, Senna leaf, lime leaf, lotus leaf, green tea, dandelion, and rhubarb. All these have been found to be extremely good for overall health and well-being.

Detox tea is supposed to be simple yet very effective. It helps to cleanse the system and is therefore recommended for any type of diet plan you might already be following. Even if you don’t want to detox, the product is not going to harm your system. In fact, it is recommended to people belonging to any age group for feeling more energized and to get rid of fatigue and tiredness. It is even more beneficial for those who gain unnecessary weight and start feeling lethargic and extremely lazy due to constipation and other related symptoms.

One of the most prominent benefits of detox tea is that it makes your digestive system perform better. It helps to suppress appetite and helps a person get rid of binge eating habit. Once you set your meal times and stick to this routine, there is no way your stomach will get upset or there will be cramps or other aches in the body. A healthy and well-functioning digestive system ensures the overall health of a person. It also keeps many illnesses at bay especially diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Get your hands on the best detox tea available on the market by visiting Leptin Teatox as it offers an all-natural blend that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want to feel light and fresh, all day long, without having to eat a lot or rely on food to obtain energy, it’s time you made detox tea a part of your daily routine. Drink it before a meal, before going to bed or right after waking up in the morning, it has the ability to make you feel good about yourself. Change your lifestyle today with this amazing tea and start enjoying life!

Want a Flat Belly? This is Why We Recommend Skinny Tea

It has become a big challenge to detoxify your body and lose that extra flab on your belly. Who does not want a flat belly nowadays? We recommend Skinny Tea to detox on your stomach as there is no better or effective way than this. This tea is gentle and safe and it is packed with hundred percent herbal and natural ingredients. Skinny tea does not make you run often to the bathroom.

Why do you need Skinny Tea?

Our large intestine accumulates several types of wastes that produce toxins. They have a negative effect on our metabolism process, resulting in an increase in unhealthy weight. Obesity then brings about many unwanted effects in our bodies. Constipation is usually the very first sign that we need to detoxify our bodies. We need Skinny Tea on a regular basis to achieve a flat belly and detox.

This is how Skinny Tea helps you achieve a flat belly

To begin with, it is very simple to make your detox Skinny Tea at home; you can use natural and simple ingredients and they can be picked from the nearest grocery shop. Various detox tea products are available in the market in different flavors. You may like the flavor of your choice to kick-start your diet plan to achieve a flat belly.

Many people love the concept of skinny tea because they would not then; require a regimen of intensive exercises or workout programs for effective detox. This tea product will serve as a natural diuretic and would help you to lose excess water from your body on a gradual basis. It would also help flush out excess sodium from your body. Vital organs would be able to eliminate the accumulation of toxins and would be able to go through their normal functions, once again.

Detox tea has been specially formulated for people to suppress their appetites. They would start eating less and not put on any extra weight. This helps in boosting the metabolism in a natural fashion. There is no need for following any extreme kind of diet plan that excludes solids and banks only on fluids. People can eat whatever they feel like once they start taking Skinny Tea in between their major meals so that proper detoxification takes place in their bodies and brings about effective detox.

Detox tea is beneficial for our digestive system. It helps prevent diarrhea, bloating and constipation. Once people start drinking this tea, they begin to feel fully energized and active. It is wiser to avoid starchy and sweet refined foods and shift to healthier eating such as leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and fish. This helps in enhancing the functioning of the liver and makes you healthy and fit. It would also help if you eat small sized meals every day instead of three square meals. A couple of tablespoons of ground flax seeds would be ideal in the daily diet as they provide plenty of minerals and vitamins. Drinking about three liters of water per day would help immensely.

Skinny Tea is hundred percent natural detox tea regimen which helps in promoting detox, flat belly, and good health. Taking this tea regularly will also kick-start your body’s metabolism on the right track and it will help detoxify your colon.

It is important to have regular detox sessions in order to purge our bodies of harmful chemicals and other toxins that may damage our tissues and cells. Regular detox sessions will also lessen the amount of work that the body has to do in order to be healthy and balanced.  The recommended frequency is at least once every other month. The following are the reasons why this is the best course of action:

  • You will remove toxins more efficiently

If you detox your body at least once every other month, you will be able to get rid of environmental toxins and other manmade chemicals that you have ingested more efficiently. If you do not detox frequently, these toxins and chemicals will only build up in the cells and tissues in your body, leading to the genesis of horrible diseases.

  • It will help in preventing chronic diseases

It is also important to note that chronic diseases do not just begin spontaneously. There are a series of cumulative events in the body that lead to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer. Many of these processes involve the steady accumulation and overloading of the body’s natural detoxification systems and processes. As such, if you frequently detoxify your body, you will remove many of the precursors that lead to the spike of chronic diseases in your body as you age.

  • It will help you detox easily

Regular detoxification of your body will also help you burn more calories and get rid of the excess fat in your body. This is due to the fact that an addition of toxins in the body will interfere with the natural processes in the body that break down fat, thus leading to weight gain. Detoxifying your body on a regular basis will prevent this from happening, thus helping you to detox faster and easier.

  • It will slow down premature ageing

Another important consideration to have in mind is that detoxifying your body on a frequent basis will help get rid of radicals and other toxins that break down tissues and cells and lead to premature ageing. If you want your skin to remain elastic and youthful, then you should make an effort to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and substances in your body.

  • It will improve your mental and emotional clarity

Regular detox sessions will do more to align your body systems and processes to a more balanced and healthy state. This will do wonders to your body and also help you achieve a more balanced physical and mental state. In the end, you will experience greater mental, physical and emotional clarity.

  • Increase more energy at your disposal

Detoxifying on a regular basis means that the body will not spend as much energy as it used to in cleaning up and breaking down harmful toxins and radicals. As such, you will have more energy at your disposal, making you more productive.

Proper planning for your meals during the week will help you achieve your detox ambitions. This is due to the fact that planning ahead for the week will help you limit the amount of calories that you will be taking in during the week. The discipline imposed by your weekly meal plan will also ensure that you eat healthily and in a way that will not compound your weight issues. The following is an example of a weekly diet plan that you can follow to great effect:

  • Day One

Breakfast- oatmeal and a fresh or frozen fruit. This helps since you would be taking in fewer calories per day than if you simply stuck to cold, dried cereal. For tea, take a cup of teatox tea to help you detoxify and clean your body of harmful toxins and chemical substances.

Mid-Morning snack- this is only if you are hungry. Add a veggie-salsa tortilla and one orange or two tangerines for the perfect mid-morning snack.

Lunch- Add two cups of mixed greens and one cup of other vegetables, without any oil coating as this would increase the number of calories that you would be taking in. Combining this mix of greens and vegetables with bean soup will make for a good lunch.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- 6 ounces of fresh yoghurt and some berries will seal the deal for this snack if you are hungry.

Dinner- Combine a salad, mustard coated salmon, baked potatoes with sour cream and scallions. For dessert, add berries.

  • Day Two

Breakfast- egg omelette, hash browns and blueberries with no sugar added. For tea, make use of teatox tea for detoxifying purposes.

Mid-Morning Snack- A handful of grapes

Lunch- Salad and a Turkey Sandwich will satiate you.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- A pear and popcorn will do just fine.

Dinner- A veggie burger and roasted red bell peppers with steamed vegetables and fresh berries for dessert if necessary.

  • Day Three

Breakfast- Hot whole grain cereal with blueberries in the morning with teatox tea will be just fine.

Mid-Morning Snack- diced watermelon and a bag of carrots.

Lunch- Veggie chilli and corn.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- Cheese and fruit with no sugar added.

Dinner- Spinach salad, rice and frozen yoghurt for dessert if necessary.

  • Day Four

Breakfast- fresh fruit, plain, sugar free yoghurt and a cup of teatox tea and a bagel.

Mid-Morning snack- veggie soup

Lunch- a tuna sandwich and a carrot and pineapple salad should be fine.

Mid-Afternoon Snack- sweet potato.

Dinner- A salad with honey mustard dressing with tofu and Berry Mousse for dessert.

  • Day five

Breakfast- Oatmeal and teatox tea

Mid-Morning Snack- A cup of carrots and hummus

Lunch- Soup with tomato cream and butter beans with lemons or scallions

Mid-Afternoon Snack- One or two cups of fresh fruit, for example watermelon.

Dinner- Salmon, noodles and spicy cucumbers with sautéed spinach and a fruit smoothie for dessert if you are hungry.

This meal plan will help you detoxify and detox in an easy, natural manner.

When you are looking to detox, maintain your ideal weight or choose healthy food choices you have to make conscious choices to eat right. The phrase “eat right” refers to eating a balanced diet and also requires that you make tasty meals so as to keep your palate happy. Here are a few recipes that you can prepare fast and that are delicious, healthy, filling and low in calories.

Black Bean Soup
This soup is easy to make and perfect for nights when you want a simple meal or chilly times when you need a quick warm meal.  A good option is black bean soup because black beans give great texture, and you can add chilli for some heat.


Two tablespoons oil
Two chopped onions
Three celery ribs finely chopped
Two carrots finely chopped
Three garlic cloves crushed
Two tsp of cumin
¼ tsp of paprika
Five cups beef or chicken broth
Three cans of black beans rinsed and drained
Tablespoon of lime juice
Salt and black pepper for seasoning

–    Heat the oil in a pot and sauté the onions, carrots and celery until the veggies are soft.
–    Add the garlic, paprika and cumin and continue to simmer on low heat until the garlic is translucent and the aroma of the herbs is released. Pour in the beans and sauté for a little while then pour in the broth. Cover and let it simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes
–    Take a cup of the soup from the pot and blend until smooth then return to the pot and add lime juice, pepper and salt for seasoning. Stir and cook for a minute then remove from the stove and serve with a garnish of choices such as avocado, vegetable salad or some whole wheat bread.

Healthy sandwich
The other healthy meal to make is a quick sandwich. They are great on the go foods, and there are lots of healthy ways to make them. If you don’t like bread, then you can have different vegetables to replace the bread such as lettuce or cabbage leaves. You can also have sweet potatoes, Portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, tofu and even tomatoes.

Lettuce, chicken and cranberry sandwich

Shredded chicken
Dried cranberries
Lettuce leaves
Salt and pepper to taste


–    Make sure the shredded chicken is seasoned to your liking
–    Mix in your cranberries
–    Roll the cranberry chicken mix in lettuce leaves and hold together with toothpicks.
– Serve and enjoy with your favourite beverage

Fish dish

Fish is one of the healthy and great ingredients to use to make a meal. It contains healthy fats and is easy to digest, unlike other meats. It is also quick to prepare hence it’s easy to make a quick meal of it.
Soy-honey salmon

Tbsp olive oil
Salmon fillet
One tbsp. honey
½ tsp. soy sauce
Salt and pepper


–    Heat the olive oil in a pan and seal the salmon fillet on both sides

–    Drizzle with the mixture of honey and soy and season with salt and pepper then steam on low heat for up to five minutes till flaky.

–    Serve with steamy brown rice or quinoa accompanies by your choice of vegetables.

Healthy Omelette

An omelette is a great meal you can pack it with any extra ingredients you like. It is also straightforward and filling and will get you through any tough day. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner; hence it’s a great meal to cook at any time.

Vegetable and cheese omelette

Butter or cooking oil
¼ cup milk
Four eggs
Shredded spinach
Large yellow onion finely chopped
One tomato deseeded and finely chopped
Hot pepper seeded and finely chopped
A handful of grated mozzarella cheese grated


–    In a bowl mix the milk and eggs and beat until evenly mixed
–    Heat a non-stick pan and melt some butter or heat some oil
–    Pour in onions and let cook until translucent, add the rest of the vegetables and cook on low heat until well done then set aside.
–    Pour some more oil in the pan and pour in the egg mix. Let cook until done to our liking then pour in the cooked veggies on top. Follow with the cheese and let cook for a minute until the cheese melts.
–    Flip the omelette onto a plate and serve with a side of avocado, salad or whole wheat bread. Such an omelette is enough for two helpings or two meals.

These are just a few examples of healthy meals you can cook fast and with easy to get ingredients.