When you are looking to detox, maintain your ideal weight or choose healthy food choices you have to make conscious choices to eat right. The phrase “eat right” refers to eating a balanced diet and also requires that you make tasty meals so as to keep your palate happy. Here are a few recipes that you can prepare fast and that are delicious, healthy, filling and low in calories.

Black Bean Soup
This soup is easy to make and perfect for nights when you want a simple meal or chilly times when you need a quick warm meal.  A good option is black bean soup because black beans give great texture, and you can add chilli for some heat.


Two tablespoons oil
Two chopped onions
Three celery ribs finely chopped
Two carrots finely chopped
Three garlic cloves crushed
Two tsp of cumin
¼ tsp of paprika
Five cups beef or chicken broth
Three cans of black beans rinsed and drained
Tablespoon of lime juice
Salt and black pepper for seasoning

–    Heat the oil in a pot and sauté the onions, carrots and celery until the veggies are soft.
–    Add the garlic, paprika and cumin and continue to simmer on low heat until the garlic is translucent and the aroma of the herbs is released. Pour in the beans and sauté for a little while then pour in the broth. Cover and let it simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes
–    Take a cup of the soup from the pot and blend until smooth then return to the pot and add lime juice, pepper and salt for seasoning. Stir and cook for a minute then remove from the stove and serve with a garnish of choices such as avocado, vegetable salad or some whole wheat bread.

Healthy sandwich
The other healthy meal to make is a quick sandwich. They are great on the go foods, and there are lots of healthy ways to make them. If you don’t like bread, then you can have different vegetables to replace the bread such as lettuce or cabbage leaves. You can also have sweet potatoes, Portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, tofu and even tomatoes.

Lettuce, chicken and cranberry sandwich

Shredded chicken
Dried cranberries
Lettuce leaves
Salt and pepper to taste


–    Make sure the shredded chicken is seasoned to your liking
–    Mix in your cranberries
–    Roll the cranberry chicken mix in lettuce leaves and hold together with toothpicks.
– Serve and enjoy with your favourite beverage

Fish dish

Fish is one of the healthy and great ingredients to use to make a meal. It contains healthy fats and is easy to digest, unlike other meats. It is also quick to prepare hence it’s easy to make a quick meal of it.
Soy-honey salmon

Tbsp olive oil
Salmon fillet
One tbsp. honey
½ tsp. soy sauce
Salt and pepper


–    Heat the olive oil in a pan and seal the salmon fillet on both sides

–    Drizzle with the mixture of honey and soy and season with salt and pepper then steam on low heat for up to five minutes till flaky.

–    Serve with steamy brown rice or quinoa accompanies by your choice of vegetables.

Healthy Omelette

An omelette is a great meal you can pack it with any extra ingredients you like. It is also straightforward and filling and will get you through any tough day. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner; hence it’s a great meal to cook at any time.

Vegetable and cheese omelette

Butter or cooking oil
¼ cup milk
Four eggs
Shredded spinach
Large yellow onion finely chopped
One tomato deseeded and finely chopped
Hot pepper seeded and finely chopped
A handful of grated mozzarella cheese grated


–    In a bowl mix the milk and eggs and beat until evenly mixed
–    Heat a non-stick pan and melt some butter or heat some oil
–    Pour in onions and let cook until translucent, add the rest of the vegetables and cook on low heat until well done then set aside.
–    Pour some more oil in the pan and pour in the egg mix. Let cook until done to our liking then pour in the cooked veggies on top. Follow with the cheese and let cook for a minute until the cheese melts.
–    Flip the omelette onto a plate and serve with a side of avocado, salad or whole wheat bread. Such an omelette is enough for two helpings or two meals.

These are just a few examples of healthy meals you can cook fast and with easy to get ingredients.

10 Superfood ingredients and benefits

Superfoods are fast becoming the go-to foods for every health enthusiast and fitness lover. The habit of including superfoods in the daily diet is getting popular as people turn to healthy eating. People have now discovered that food is not only nourishment but also medicine for the body.

Superfoods seem to have a higher concentration of substances that improve health, boost metabolism and also reverse ageing. You should include them in your daily meals to maintain optimum health.

Amazing Superfoods

–   Wild berries

Many berries contain lots of vitamins and phytonutrients that fight free radical damage in the body. They can improve your overall appearance as well as fight off chronic ailments. Some good examples are wild blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

–    Green leafy vegetables

In this category, we have kale and spinach because they contain lots of phytonutrients. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, hair, nails and bone formation.

–    Cruciferous vegetables

In this category, we have cabbage, bok choy, swiss chard and broccoli. These cruciferous vegetables have phytonutrients that suppress the growth of tumours in the body. They also contain a lot of vitamin C that helps boost the body’s immunity.

–    Fibre

In this category, we have oats that not only provide fibre to the body but are also rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The fibre content in oats also helps in reduction of cholesterol in the body.

–    Probiotics

Greek yoghurt is a superfood ingredient because of its rich calcium content. Greek yoghurt is great for women because of the high calcium content.  Greek yoghurt also contains lots of protein. Best of all it’s packed with probiotics that promote a healthy gut and also boost immunity.

–    Seeds and nuts

Chia seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds are some of the best seeds and nuts to include in your list of superfood ingredients. They contain healthy fats and vitamins that improve skin health. They also contain certain minerals that fight off disease-causing free radicals.

–    Healthy fats

Healthy fats from plant oils such as olive oil or coconut oil are great superfood ingredients.  These oils are great for cooking and can also be used in smoothies. They are also useful for beauty regimens in promoting healthy skin and hair.

–     Fatty fish

Fatty fish that are excellent superfood ingredients are salmon. Wild salmon as a superfood ingredient is good for a healthy heart. It is also a great food to include in a healthy detox diet.

–    Chocolate

If you love chocolate, then take dark chocolate regularly as it is a tasty superfood. Make sure it contains at least 70 percent cacao as the darker it is, the better. You can also take the cocoa powder that is organic and has 70 percent cacao content. Cacao contains healthy polyphenols that are great for detox and can also improve the quality of your skin.

–    Green tea and coffee

Green coffee and green tea are great beverages to include in your superfood ingredients list. They are packed with polyphenols because they are not roasted. Hence, green coffee and tea retain a lot of their fat burning and disease-fighting compounds.

Including at least some of these superfood ingredients in each meal will ensure you improve your health and overall appearance.