3 Truly Bizarre Detox Methods

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When it comes to detox, we tend to look at almost any kind of method or program regardless of its true effectiveness or long-term benefit. Some of them might be termed as bizarre or simply ridiculous. But the truth is, many of these unusual methods actually work! All you have to do is stick with them no matter what and natural detox will ultimately follow.

Here are 3 truly bizarre detox methods that you ought to try:

  1. Be able to see yourself while eating – This may sound silly but it really works in the context of detox. When you see yourself in the mirror, it reminds you that you’re not supposed to eat a lot. Moreover, it distracts your attention from the plate and makes you eat lesser than you otherwise would. When you will see yourself in the eye your inner self will remind you about your detox goals and what you shouldn’t be eating at the moment. For this purpose, you may want to eat in front of the mirror.
  2. Don’t check your weight very often – You may think that this method can interfere with your detox plans as you have to achieve some goals. But it’s true; the less often you look at the scale, the more you can concentrate on your diet and exercise. If you want to know if your detox regime is working, try to look for other cues like your clothes getting loose, your relatives and friends telling you how slim you really look, and higher energy levels. After all, these are your ultimate goals instead of a numeric value that might be difficult to maintain.
  3. Don’t miss out on social events and gatherings – It’s difficult to attend social gatherings and functions when you’re on a diet because everybody else would be enjoying their favorite meals except you. It seems hard at first but once you learn to control your cravings even at a social event, you can feel at ease with your entire detox system. So, there’s no reason to skip dinner parties and outings simply because you’re unable to eat a lot of food items that would be served

These methods may sound truly unusual and to some people even useless. But the reality is, it is these methods that you need in order to keep yourself motivated throughout the diet plan even if you have to follow it for 3 or 4 weeks. These are tips to make any diet plan work.

Your goal should be to keep your diet plan on track even if it means following some really bizarre or weird detox methods. Check out the effectiveness of the three methods discussed above and see how they can complement yourdetox plan. Also, keep in mind that once you’re comfortable with any diet plan, you ought to make it your lifestyle plan instead of something that just needs to be followed for a few weeks.

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