You don’t always have to hit the gym, here are a few more options to burn 1 pound without having to step foot in a gym:

    1. 55 minutes of jump roping.
      jumping rope fitness
    2. 2 hours of dancing. Zumba away!

6 hours of shopping.


  1. Take an hour or two on your bike around the city.
    bicycle teatox deatox
  2. 2 hours of horseback riding .
    horseback riding teatox diet
  3. Kayak the afternoon away!
    kayak diet fitness
  4. 3 hours of bowling
    bowling fitness
  5. Go for a 2 hour walk
    walk fitness teatox
  6. Enjoy a day of skiing
    skiing fitness
  7. Need to blow off some steam? Hit the punching bag for a little over an hour
  8. Get your butt outside and use the afternoon to climb some rocks
    climbing fitness deatox
  9. 3 hours of golfing, tee up!
    playing golf sports tea
  10. Hit the waves for 2 hours of surfing
    surfing fitness
  11. Cutting just 500 calories off your daily calories intake, may help you detox weekly**:
    1. Skip your pasta meal and swap for spaghetti squash
    2. Obsessed with peanut butter? Try PB2 instead!
    3. Going out? Skip the sugar and opt in for a 70 calorie vodka soda.
  12. The best tip to lose 1 pound fast, or any amount of weight with time: surround yourself with like minded people. Whether competition or cooperation thrives you forward, having someone who deals with the same struggles on a daily bases will help you stay connected to your goals and accountable for your actions.