Skinny Tea For Detox Treatment (28 Days)



Our Morning Boost tea has been specially formulated to boost energy, suppress appetite and increase metabolism. It works to helps you achieve your health goals.

It can be consumed every morning as a substitute for coffee. Try it with our Night Cleanse tea for the perfect detox program. Enjoy it!

Morning Boost 28 Days Tea contains 28 teabags filled with natural tea leaves, enough for 28 days.


Enjoy one cup each morning before breakfast to feel invigorated for your day.
Add 1 Teabag of Morning Boost into a cup and let steep in near boiling water or 3-5 minutes.
You can add lime, honey or lemon depending on your taste.
After opening should be stored in a cool place.

Green Tea, Yerba Mate leaf, Lime leaf, Lotus leaf, Dandelion leaf, Rhubarb root & Goji berries.


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